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We specialize in connecting companies with top-tier professionals from Latin America across various IT and creative industries.

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We Help Companies Scale Their Teams with Exceptional IT and Creative Talent in Latin America

Our Talent Network

Gain entry to our expansive talent network, across a wide array of industries and skill sets.

We Value Your Time

Save valuable time and resources with our streamlined and professional
screening process.

Our Talent Network

We provide access to highly skilled professionals from Latin America with competitive rates.


Understanding your unique company culture

At the heart of our recruitment process lies a thorough needs assessment. We believe in taking the time to truly comprehend your company’s distinctive culture, values, and specific talent requirements.

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Leveraging Vast Networks and Industry Insights

With a deep understanding of your hiring needs in place, we embark on a journey of precision targeting to source exceptional talent. Our expert recruiters leverage their vast networks, online platforms, and industry insights to identify top-tier candidates.
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Unearthing the perfect fit for your organization

We leave no stone unturned in our commitment to unearthing the perfect fit for your organization. Our thorough screening and selection process encompass multiple layers of evaluation.
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Our areas of expertise


FrontEnd, BackEnd, FullStack, Q&A, App, AI developers


Our dedicated team ensures you have access to top-tier talent to build a robust HR department that drives your success.


Social media Managers, Content Managers, Copywriters, Editors, Marketing Specialists


Our mission is to connect you with talented writers, editors, and content strategists who can craft compelling narratives to engage your audience and enhance your brand’s presence.


Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Data Architects, ML Engineers, Business Analyst


We recruit highly skilled professionals to help you harness the power of data, uncover insights, and drive your business forward.


UX Designers, UI Designers, Graphic Designers, Prototype Designers, Product Designers, Creative Directors


We connect businesses with visionary graphic artists and innovative UX/UI designers who bring life into your branding and digital presence.


Media Planners, Media Optimizers, Media Managers, SEM Specialists, SEO Specialist, Performance Media Managers, Retail Media Managers


Elevate your media game with Humano. We link companies with experts from Latin America who will help you create captivating visuals and engaging content to capture your audience’s attention.

Project Management

Account Managers, Project Leaders, Project Managers, Business Leaders

Project Management

We specialize in recruiting coordinators from Latin America who excel at overseeing initiatives, ensuring efficiency, and achieving your business objectives.

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The founders

Our Journey Begins Here

Jaime Kalb

Chief Executive Officer

With over 23 years in digital transformation, Jaime founded Clarus, a prestigious agency acquired by WPP. In 2022, he partnered with CourtAvenue and Humano to lead their LATAM operations, focusing on digital solutions and talent acquisition.

Antonio Garcia

Chief Operations Officer

With over 20 years in media, business development, and consulting, Antonio transformed Travesías Media into a multiplatform company from 2011 to 2019. Currently, Antonio oversees people operations, accounting, finance, and talent acquisition for CourtAvenue Latam and Humano.

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